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Main Benefits Of These Classes

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Classeswill be provided through online modules and requires internet access. (Shamar Prophets Training Camp only) 

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Registration Fee

SPTC Registration : $150 per 8 week session.

ATA Registration:  $50.00 per session.

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What is ATA?

What is the Shamar Prophetic Training Camp​​​​​​​?

SPTC is an 8-session seminar that provides interactive training for maturing prophets, intercessory prophets and prophetic types.  Camp courses will cover a variety of topics including:

  • Hearing, Heading and Reaping God's Prophecies in their Season

  • Prophetic Protocols, Standards and Criteria

  • Creation Rules of Order

  • The Technology of Prophetic Fulfillment…and much more!

The courses have been specifically designed to help you understand your prophetic process, position and role in God’s eternal kingdom!  

Certificate of Completion will be given after the completion of each modual

Ambassadors Training for Apostles​​​​​​​ is a monthly live learning platform designed for Apostles and their Leadership teams. 

Serving under an apostle requires a special team and specialized training!  ATA will examine biblical apostleship and its duties, functions, commission, responsibilities, rights, authorities and mandates.

​​​​​​​These sessions will work confidentially with you and your team, giving them the tools, understanding and wisdom needed to fully comprehend and work within the framework of your high call to Apostleship.

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What is SPTC?

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A little bit of what you'll find around here

What You'll Need To Attend The Session....

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Laptop or Tablet

Journal or Notebook


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Happy Clients

Listen to what others are saying...

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"If you have a desire to understand apostleship and the prophetic, I urge you to contact Apostle Nona Parker.  I've learned so much over the past couple of years being in her classes,  I'm getting equipped and trained!  Enroll in Shamar Prophet Training will not be disappointed!"

Testimonials, DC, Kentucky.

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" MUST, MUST, MUST get in on this astounding breakthrough series of prophetic insight and teaching brought forth by a revolutionary kingdom leader and chosen vessel of God, Apostle Nona Parker.  She is one of Chicago's finest as well as my own mentor!"

Testimonials, MJ, Illinois.

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"Mentoring Moments with our General, Apostle Nona Parker was life altering, creating a paradigm shift in many areas of our lives.  There was so much revelation given spiritually and naturally...I am still processing all she taught!  I cannot wait until the next one...

Testimonials, SB, Illinois

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"I had a wonderful time at the Apostolic Summit.  May the Lord continue to increase you in statue and widsom.  I truly appreciated you, Apostle Nona and your trainings...I have already started talking to other churches and leaders about attending your classes."

Testimonials, SJ, Florida.

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Have any questions? Get in touch with Me!

My Staff and I will make every attent to contact you within 24 hours.

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  • Who should attend?

  • Budding Prophets

  • Maturing Prophets

  • Intercessory Prophets

  • Seers

  • Apostles

    Apostolic Leadership Teams
  • Apostolic/Prophetic People...

  • ​​




Installment Payments are subject to approval.


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